Don’t just buy a turntable – aspire to something more.

Four decades have passed since Ivor Tiefenbrun from Linn preached that the most important component in your Hi-Fi system is the source. The quality of the rest of the system is irrelevant if you feed it an inferior signal, all you end-up with is an amplified version of that mediocre source. He took this approach with his original LP12 turntable, a design that remains effectively the same today – its ongoing success bearing testament to his beliefs.

Excellence in design: the Linn LP12 first appeared over 40 years ago

Many are surprised to learn how much difference there is in the performance of turntables, and even more surprising is that price is not always a good indication of quality. One of the best examples we can think of is yet another turntable to come out of the UK – Avid. Avid do not produce the cheapest turntables on the market, far from it. They are unique in that they don’t produce tonearms, leaving that to companies that specialise in that technology. What also stands them apart from most is the fact that at any price-point their turntables sound better than many of their more expensive competitors.

Their basic offering, the Ingenium, is a great example. This turntable, coupled with the Rega RB303 tonearm, yet it is demonstrably better than many of its more costly peers. Another attribute of this brand is that at any price point there is a remarkably high level of engineering. While there is a number of simple turntable designs on the market that still sound good Avid have taken a highly engineered approach to their design, and the results speak for themselves. The Ingenium is again a case in point, it is beautifully engineered, particularly given its price point. This is possibly why it has been named as the Turntable of the Year under $3,000 by Australia’s Sound+Image magazine.

A future classic: AVID HiFi’s Ingenium turntable is a hard one to beat at it’s price

Avid’s first turntable, the Acutus, was released in 1999 and is still their flagship model. All subsequent models are direct ascendants of this best-they-can-build model, rather than the more commonly employed methodology of building a basic model first and then trying to improve on that. They also take an unique approach in that almost all the components that go into an Avid turntable are manufactured in their factory, rather than being subcontracted out, offering far greater control over the quality of the manufacturing process.

Reference class: Avid Hifi’s Acutus turntable has passed down much of it’s engineering to the Ingenium

We carry Avid turntables from Rs.299,950 (Ingenium) through to Rs.1,500,000. (Volvere SP) and there are much more expensive options also available. We encourage you come for a visit and discover the differences in musical performance for yourself.

Don’t just buy a turntable – buy the experience.


Budget floorstanding speakers don’t get much better than this. The flagship of DALI’s SPEKTOR range serves up a seriously big sound thanks to its large, sturdily built cabinet – available in stylish black and walnut finishes – and a high quality driver complement. The soft dome tweeter is refined beyond its price class and the twin wood-fibre mid/bass units sound unexpectedly civilised, yet can really shake the room. This affordable box is far more fun than it has a right to be, and is surprisingly room-friendly too.


NAD is famous for powerhouse amplifiers that punch way above their weight – but the C 338 brings a whole new dimension to the marque. It is the world’s first stereo integrated amp with inbuilt Chromecast compatibility, streaming most major music services from the tap of an app. Despite its slim size, the amp’s Class D power stage packs 50W per channel and offers almost every input you’ll ever need – from Bluetooth, optical/coaxial digital, MM phono and line-level analogue. Factor in the headphone stage, and nothing else matches its performance at the price.

NAD C 368 Wins Product of the Year Award from The Absolute Sound

At the beginning of 2017, The Absolute Sound awarded NAD Electronics with not one, but seven Editors’ Choice Awards. Now as the year comes to a close, the notable publication has honoured NAD yet again with a Product of the Year Award for the NAD C 368.

The Listening Room - Stereo advice

There's no all-purpose stereo advice for the simple reason that you may be trying to put together your first better-than-college system or you might be - dare I say it? - an audio geek who's reaching for that newest tweak. We've been both ourselves, so we know what it's like.

If you're looking to improve a system that you know needs help, then our advice is this: choose your speakers first, Then get the electronics. This advice (which is hardly original to us) is really just common sense. You could have the greatest electronics "downstream" but if it's coming out of the sonic equivalent of a tin can, then what good is it? So your speakers matter most, because they'll dictate just what you need "downstream". Picking a speaker that fits your aesthetic sense and style will allow us to narrow down your amplifier choices.

We can help. Tell us the size of the room. Tell us what kind of music you listen to most. And—don't be embarrassed - tell us what you're looking to spend. Believe me, there are really great speakers out there that don't cost a fortune. And then let us help you. We allow you to try the speakers in your own home with a 3-day return policy, so no worries. We can help you build your system one piece at a time or all in one swoop. And besides, you can always upgrade later.

Now, if you're a diehard audiophile, think of us as your bloodhounds. Tell us what you're interested in/looking for/excited by. Chances are, we've got something to get your jollies in high(end) gear. Because we both know that just because a piece got a great review from Stereophile or wherever doesn't mean it's great for you. We both know how personal high-end audio really is - and should be. It's why we're in this business, because we take it as seriously (and pleasurably) as you do.